Reading a Progress Report

Progress Reports. As your child completes more practices and unlocks more difficulty levels in MathSloth, it is useful to review how far he has come in his mathematical learning journey. The Progress Page provides these insights.

Timeline of Practices. For each practice series that your child has attempted, a progress report is automatically generated and incrementally accumulates his past practices. For each practice series, MathSloth breaks down progress by the difficulty level.

For each difficulty level, MathSloth provides the latest analysis at that level, as well as your child's recent practices and score. This is followed by a tabular list of the timeline of practices that your child has completed over time. You may then view the practice report of each practice by clicking on the view link on the right side of each practice.

Here's a sample!  You may also be interested to view one of our user's sample practice report.Sally's Practice Report


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