How a Practice Series is structured

Difficulty Levels. At MathSloth, each practice series assesses a particular aspect of elementary mathematics and is organized into levels of increasing difficulty - usually, 5 or 6 levels. The first level will be simple and can be readily undertaken by any child who has been exposed to basic mathematics at preschool or kindergarten.

Questions. The child may start a practice on any level that is available to him or her. Each practice contains 10 questions and may be expected to be completed within 3-5 minutes usually. The child earns a star for the practice level if the child is able to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly. The answers and scoring are only available at the end of answering the 10 questions.

Level Completion/Unlocking. Each level is considered complete once the child earns 3 stars. Once a level is completed, its succeeding level is instantly unlocked. ( Advice to parent: it will be good to pace out your child's assessment in line with his or her mathematical exposure at school or other channels. Otherwise, a good pace could be 1 level per week for each practice series. )

Series Completion. If your child is able to complete a practice series independently, he or she should be considered reasonably proficient in that aspect of elementary mathematics. Yes, it's that straightforward ! :) ( Info: As a token of encouragement, a nice little (virtual) Sloth badge awaits your child on the practice summary view. )

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