A MathSloth User or Guest ?

Guest Mode. MathSloth allows guest practices, so you try out the practices without signing up for an account or logging in.

User Mode. However, if you have done several practices and will like to resume when you re-visit MathSloth, you should sign up for a user account. A user account retains all your practice history, including practice reports and unlocked levels, and allows you to review your child's progress at MathSloth from time to time.

User Emails. As you sign up for a user account, we encourage you to provide us with your email address as well ( Note: the email address is optional and we do not, now and ever, provide your email information to other parties ). The purpose of providing your email address to us is so that you can receive your child's practice reports on a customized basis and also, for us to email you a passphrase-reset link in the event you have forgotten your passphrase.

Practice Report Emails. Once you have provided us with your email address, you can customize when practice reports should be e-mailed to you.

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