Reading a Practice Report

Practice Report. MathSloth automatically scores your child's practice and generates a practice report for each practice. 

Analysis. A practice report contains an analysis of the child's performance for the practice. The analysis may be positive if your child has done well at the practice and may also point out areas of weaknesses and strengths in your child's practice.

Practice Results Section. The practice results section lists out the 10 test questions in the practice and whether the questions were answered correctly. If a question was answered incorrectly, the correct answer is then provided.

Practice Score/Achievement Section. The practice score/achievement section shows your child's total score for the practice and whether the practice has earned a new star or unlocked new difficulty levels.

Next Actions. You can continue with another practice, switch to another practice series, review your child's progress or share this practice report. All practice data are kept private by default. However, you can choose to easily share good practice reports or progress reports with your spouse, friends or teachers.

Here's a Sample! View one of our user's sample practice report. Sally's Practice Report .

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