Starting a Practice

Select a Practice. Choose any of the practice series shown in the MathSloth Practices page.. For children in preschool or kindergarten, we would recommend starting with the Count, Sequence, Pattern and Compare practice series. For children in early primary/elementary levels, you may wish to start with the arithmetic Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide practice series.

Select a Practice LevelGenerally, your child can continue the practice at the most recent practice level. However, he or she can also perform practices for earlier practice levels that were completed.

Practice Lobby. The practice lobby confirms your selection of the practice type and level. There are 10 questions for each practice and answers will only be revealed at the end of the practice. Answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly to earn a star!

Let's Start. For each question, your child may either skip the question or submit an answer.

Practice Report. Once the 10 questions have been responded to, MathSloth instantly scores the practice and provides a practice report.

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