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Today, there are plentiful learning resources for elementary mathematics on the Internet. Our digital native child learns maths at school and then gains reinforcement from additional tuition, assessment books or online learning complements.

As parents, we may not know sometimes if our child has truly become more proficient at mathematics. That's where MathSloth is able to help. At MathSloth, there are different aspects of elementary mathematics that you can test your child with.

Each of these practice series assesses and analyzes different aspect of your child's mathematical knowledge.
  • The Count and Sequence practices test your child's familiarity with numbers itself.
  • The Pattern and Compare practices test your child's cognitive and pattern recognition skills.
  • The Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide practices test your child's familiarity with basic mathematical operators.
  • The Words, Time, Money and Direction practices test your child's adaption of maths and cognition in real-life applications.
You may be interested in our next blog post - learning more about practice series.


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