MathSloth - A Global Team is a free online maths resource  developed by a global team of teachers and software engineers, hailing from Canada, U.S., Malaysia and Australia. It is an ongoing collaborative effort that is continually managed and updated across different time zones. Our funding from donations and advertisements help sustain this resource and keep it free.

At MathSloth, we start first with practices intended for parents to use with children at ages of 5-9. Each practice series is carefully paced so that the child is assessed progressively (and often comfortably) without being overwhelmed by unfamiliar levels of difficulty. With each practice, parents and tutors can receive, on site and by email, a practice report of what the child has gone through, complete with MathSloth's analysis and next actions.

Through this blog, we hope to promote mathematics to your children in kindergartens and early elementary/primary schools. We will also welcome contributions of interesting elementary mathematics problems from around the world and share with our blog readers. ( All contributions will be properly attributed to you and any necessary web URL sources. )

Thank you and let's start practising! You may be interested to learn about our next post Types of Practices in MathSloth.

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